This year’s CIT South Regional will be held on January 18th, 2020 at the Whole World Theater in Atlanta, GA

Tickets will be available at the box office on the day of the competition.


12:30 PM Preliminary Match
●  Hard Boiled Legs – University of Central Florida
●  Improv Athens – University of Georgia
●  Swedish Sous Chefs -​ Va​nderbilt University
●  The Armed Farces – Georgia College & State University

2:30 PM Preliminary Match
●  Subconscious Plagiarism – University of Central Florida
●  The Sunday Group – University of Florida
●  Fun Arsenal – Columbus State University
●  No Bears Allowed – Florida State University

4:30 PM Preliminary Match
●  Great Cham of Being – Vanderbilt University
●  Canned Laughter – University of Central Florida
●  The Improvfessionals – University of Alabama
●  Left Right TIM – University of Colorado Boulder

10:30 PM Finals Match
●  Wildcard Winner
●  12:30 PM Preliminary Winner
●  2:30 PM Preliminary Winner
●  4:30 PM Preliminary Winner


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