This year’s CIT South Regional will be held on January 26th, 2019 at the Whole World Theater in Atlanta, GA

Check back soon for a full match schedule and team roster for the day!

There are still slots let to play!! To register your team for this regional, click here:


12:30 PM Preliminary Match

●  False Profits – UNC Chapel Hill
●  Let’s Try This! – Georgia Tech
●  The Sunday Group – University of Florida
●  No Bears Allowed – Florida State University

2:30 PM Preliminary Match
●  Wing It! – University of North Georgia
●  Structured Bubblewrap – University of Central Florida
●  Kennesaw Improv Society Stupid! – Kennesaw State University
●  The Tony Dancers – Columbus State University

4:30 PM Preliminary Match
●  I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream. Ahhh! – University of Central Florida
●  The Armed Forces – Georgia College & State University
●  Improv Athens – University of Georgia
●  The Tiny Danzas – Columbus State University

10:30 PM Finals Match
●  Wildcard Winner
●  12:30 PM Preliminary Winner
●  2:30 PM Preliminary Winner
●  4:30 PM Preliminary Winner

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