This year’s CIT Northwest Regional will be held on January 19th, 2018 at the Jet City Improv in Seattle, WA.



12:00 PM Preliminary Match
● Actually Gavin – University of Portland
● Five Fun Fungi – University of Colorado Boulder
● UBC Improv – University of British Columbia

2:00 PM Preliminary Match
● Left Right Tim – University of Colorado Boulder
● Yes Ampersand – University of Victoria
● Absolute Improv – University of Oregon
● Ubiquitous They – University of Puget Sound

4:00 PM Preliminary Match
● The Collective – University of Washington
● Spaghetti Confession – University of Colorado Boulder
● Mama’s Little Secret – Portland State University

10:00 PM Finals Match
● Wildcard Winner
● 12 PM Preliminary Winner
● 2 PM Preliminary Winner
● 4 PM Preliminary Winner

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