The Format

Each team in the tournament must consist of at least 3 undergraduate performers – we cannot allow graduate students at this time. Each team receives 20-22 minutes to perform any style of improv they like, with time beginning after the first suggestion is received.  Teams can do all short form games, a long form, a mix of short and long form, narrative, puppets, musicals… you name it!  As long as it is improvised, we want to see it!


Regional Tournaments

In each Regional Tournament, there are 3-4 preliminary matches with 3-4 teams competing in each prelim match.  The winning team of each preliminary match moves on to the regional finals, usually taking place later that night.  In some cases, a Wildcard team will also be selected to move on to the regional finals match. The winner of the regional finals match will move on to the Nationals competition in Chicago, Illinois.

For Example: The Imaginary Regionals

1PM Prelim Match
Jujubeez (Gumbowl College)
Cup Kings (Vessel University)
Happy/Sads (College of Emotional Diversity)

3PM Prelim Match
The Mother Boards (Beene Institute of Technology)
Wooly Wompers (Gatherers University)
Left Turn Right Turn (Steve’s College of Criminal Studies)

5PM Prelim Match
Improv Elixers (Bubbles University)
The Ontimers (University of Promptness)
Follow Us (Twitbook College)

8PM Finals
Follow Us (Twitbook College) Wild Card Team
Cup Kings (Vessel University) Winner of 1PM Prelim
Wooly Wompers (Gatherers University) Winner of 3PM Prelim
Improv Elixers (Bubbles University) Winner of 5PM Prelim

Winner: Wooly Wompers (Gatherers University) – Advances to National Tournament
Runner Up: Improv Elixers (Bubbes University) – Possible Wild Card Team of National Tournament


Several changes have been made to the tournament this year, one of the biggest being a restructuring of the judging criteria from year’s past. This year, all teams will be evaluated on a 1-5 scale from the following categories:
1. Supporting Moves
2. Characters
3. Clear and Strong Relationships
4. Objective/POV
5. Environment
6. Stage Technique/Presence

Winners for each match (as well as Wildcard winners) will determined by whoever has the highest cumulative score after the conclusion of the match. Feedback and scores will not be available for teams until they have been eliminated from the competition.

Registration Costs/Deadlines

Registration levels are as follows:
Early Bird Registration: $15 per player
Late Registration: $20 per player (Begins 2 weeks before each regional date)
**In order to ensure production schedules are met, registrations for each regional will be closed two-weeks prior to the regional date**
**Please note that in order to complete the registration form you must use an email associated with a Google Account


Important Updates

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